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Alimentos Pantagora is committed to protecting the environment by encouraging our producers to initiate more eco-responsible agricultural practices, reducing the use of agro-chemicals and pesticides, without harming their production, with the aim of achieving long-term organic productions.


Cocoa a crop of
social and environmental peace

This sector has strengthened considerably in the last decade in our country, consolidating itself as an excellent alternative crop and source of income for peasants, particularly in the most remote areas affected by conflict and poverty. Due to its high added value and durability, as well as the possibility of cultivating it with other products, cocoa is today the main source of income for several thousand peasant families in Colombia.


We are located in the city of Pereira, at the crossroads of important agricultural regions such as:


Among the fundamental corporate values of Alimentos Pantagora is being an agent of well-being and prosperity in the short, medium and long term in our place of implantation. For this reason, when we established ourselves, we have embraced the figure of BIC, for which we have made a variety of commitments in five different dimensions: 

corporate governance

Business model

labor practices

environmental practices

Practices with the community

To ensure that our exercise has a positive effect on our environment, in particular with the interest groups (employees, suppliers, customers and the community) with whom we meet when carrying out   our activities. 

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